• 1 x BWVS Basic camera
  • 1 x Multi-function dock
  • 1 x Radio loop / pocket clip
  • 1 x Epaulette mount
  • 1 x Lanyard
  • 1 x dock USB cable
  • 1 x camera USB cable
  • 1 x UK USB3-pin plug
  • 1 x CD with guidance documentation and viewing software
  • 1 x Printed manual

 A powerful deterrent against anti-social behaviour, violence and false claims.

  • Activated by a simple switch, the BWVS Basic camera is a wire-free, comfortable, lightweight unit.
  • Capture vision and sound for crucial evidential footage.
  • Suitable for Police / Prison / Custody Officers, Private Security & Enforcement Officers.
  • One of the most practical Body Worn Video Solution available.

Here at Body Worn Video systems UK we listened to your feedback for a camera that can meet your needs in the ever demanding and dynamic environments you work in but doesn't break the bank.

In close partnership with our suppliers we came up with; The BWVS Basic Camera is a body worn video cameras which combines simplicity, modern design and a cost effective solution for all organisations.

Designed to offer all frontline workers protection and reliable evidence, the BWVS Basic can be worn around the neck, clipped to a pocket, radio loop, stab vest or Klick Fast dock for immediate activation whenever the need arises.

The BWVS Basic camera is essential for protection of Police Officers, Security Personnel, Lone Workers, Medical Staff, Stewards and anyone who may have to deal with potential acts of anti-social behaviour, violence or false accusations whilst carrying out their day to day duties.

The BWVS Basic provides a compact, user friendly solution with no wires or packs to hinder the wearer. Activated by a simple switch, the act of recording is visible to the wearer via a discreet LED light, audible warning and Tactile Vibration to confirm activation of Record or Stop.

All subjects being recorded are notified by an automatic audio warning.

All necessary accessories and software are provided with the BWVS Basic Body Camera for a complete, integrated solution with no hidden or on-going charges.

  • Single switch action activation & deactivation

  • Up to 12 hours continuous recording time, No standby.

  • Full Super HD colour recording at up to 60 frames per second

  • Optimised crystal clear sound quality

  • Wire free, self-contained unit

  • Save time, costs and protect your staff

  • Weather-proof

1296P Super HD Resolution Video Quality

1296P Full HD Colour Video Recording up to 60 FPS

The BWVS Basic camera is a body worn high-definition video recorder for designed for the demands of law enforcement, and private security with true Super HD 1296P Recording. With its 140 degree angle lens it can capture more action. The BWVS Basic camera can record over 10 hours of video on a single charge and hold up to 12 hours of HD video on 32GB of memory. With the slide of a switch, recording can start even if the camera is switched off.

The BWVS Basic camera has a 3 way indicator; Audible, visual and tactile vibration to confirm start/stop a recording and the recording features Camera ID, User ID and date/time watermark.

GPS Module

Track patrols and log location data with the GPS positioning module. Coordinates aredisplayed on playback via Google Maps and embeds the latitude and longitude as a watermark on the video.

Klick Fast Compatible

Official Klick Fast studs and docks are available for this item (optional extra). 


  • 2304 x 1296p Super HD and up to 60 frames per second recording: exceeding Home Office recommendations.

  • 140 degree wide angle lens: helps ensure intended subject is recorded.

  • 4 megapixel camera

  • High quality microphone, for greater audio quality.

  • Unique Camera ID, user ID, GPS and time/date watermark for each unit: better chain of evidence and asset management.

  • Optional GPS positioning module

  • Event log.

  • User friendly: tactile, easy to operate with gloves and with no need to see it.

  • Automated evidence management: plug and go operation.

  • Multiple mounting options: Klick Fast stud, pocket clip, lanyard, stand alone.

  • Audio, visual and tactile indicators: clear device status.

  • Small and lightweight: Only 135g (4.76oz) can be carried all day without noticing.

  • All in one unit: no external wires that could be safety or reliability hazard.

  • Ambarella Chipset and Solid state recording: no moving hard drives.

  • Suitable for all weather use.

  • High capacity battery pack, enough for a full 8 hr. shift.

  • Charged in under 4 hours.

  • Built in internal 32GB memory, no need to swap memory on the go .