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Need to report a fault?

Submit details online via our fault report form.

Note: we are unable to receive or repair products that have been contaminated with blood, body fluids or matter. If you are unsure whether to return an item to us, please contact us. 

Returns Process

1. Submit a Fault Report Form:

When you submit the Fault Report Form, we will send you an email to authorise the return.

2. Upload stored video:

If you can, upload any required video from cameras before sending back.

Important note: All cameras are factory-reset during repair – we are unable to retain any footage that may be present.

If you are unable to retrieve data from the device/unit and it is part of a critical incident, please contact us.

3. Pack:

Prevent damage during shipping by carefully packing the parts and sealing the package.

4. Post it to us:

Keep track of any postage reference number.

5. Processing:

We aim to process in-warranty returns within 14 working days upon receipt.

If your warranty has expired, you may be required to pay for any repairs - we will send you a quote upon receipt.

If in doubt about your warranty status, or if you wish to renew your warranty, please contact support@edesix.com

When your replacement or reconditioned product is ready to be returned, We will send you an email with the shipping tracking number.

Fault Report Form

Under Warranty

Note that a maximum of 2 cameras can be sent to us via Royal Mail due to lithium-ion battery restrictions so anything more than that has to be shipped via an alternative service.

We aim to process your request within 48 hours and return the device within 14 days upon reciept.

When your product is ready for return, we will send you an email supplying you with the tracking number. If for any reason there is a problem supplying your return within the 14 days, we will email you with a revised return date. The timescales will be paused if we require more information from you or additional payment for repairs out of warranty.