BWVS1 Enforcement Camera

£ 184.99


•1 x BWVS1 camera
•1 x 32GB Micro SD card, Class 10, UHS1
•1 x Micro SD to SD adapter
•1 x Integrated mounting radio loop / pocket clip
•1 x Adjustable neck lanyard
•1 x CCTV warning badge
•1 x USB cable (recharge and download)
•1 x USB MicroSD card reader
•1 x USB UK plug (USB hubs available for multiple unit charging, hub sold separately)
1 x Utility belt camera pouch
•1 x CD with guidance documentation and viewing software

•1 x Printed manual

BWVS1 is a new concept in body worn video cameras which combines elegant simplicity, miniature design and a cost effective solution for all organisations.

Designed to offer all frontline workers protection and reliable evidence, BWVS1 can be worn around the neck, clipped to a pocket, radio loop, or Klickfast dock for immediate activation whenever the need arises.
  • A powerful deterrent against anti-social behaviour, violence and false claims.
  • Activated by a simple flick of the switch, the BWVS1 is a secure, wire-free, comfortable, lightweight unit.
  • Capture vision and sound for crucial evidential footage.
  • Suitable for Police / Prison / Custody Officers, Private Security & Enforcement Officers.
  • One of the most practical Body Worn Video Solution available.
The BWVS1 camera is essential for protection of Police Officers, Security Personnel, Lone Workers, Receptionist Staff, Stewards and anyone who may have to deal with potential acts of anti-social behaviour, violence or false accusations whilst carrying out their day to day duties.

The BWVS1 provides a compact, user friendly solution with no wires or packs to hinder the wearer. Activated by a simple flick of the switch, the act of recording is visible to the wearer via a discreet red light and the subject by an on-screen warning.

All necessary accessories and software are provided with the BWVS1 Body Camera for a complete, integrated solution with no hidden or on-going charges.
  • Single action activation & deactivation
  • up to 3.5 hours continuous recording time
  • Full colour recording at 30 frames per second
  • Optimised crystal clear sound quality
  • Wire free, self-contained unit
  • Save time, costs and protect your staff

Body worn cameras are an effective tool in reducing crime and anti-social behaviour. They help secure better evidence, increase convictions and reduce the amount of complaints against staff. Whist body cameras have traditionally been used by police, security and council / civil enforcement staff, many UK ambulance trusts are now using them to prevent and record violent and aggressive incidents, and to record actions by staff at the scene of major incidents or life threatening incidents such as cardiac arrests etc for training purposes.

Many shops are now equipping their customer facing staff with body cameras to record sales refusals, shoplifting as well as robberies and other violent and aggressive incidents as most store based systems do not have audio equipped facilities.

Prisons, police custody suites, detention and immigration centres are routinely equipping their staff with body cameras to capture violent incidents, planned removals to obtain sufficent evidence for courts and internal adjudication.
  • 640 x 480 recording: satisfies Home Office recommendations.
  • Articulated camera: helps ensure intended subject is recorded.
  • Unique ID for each unit: better chain of evidence and asset management.
  • Admin only settings change: Cameras come pre-set, tailored to your requirements.
  • Big red sliding record switch: tactile, easy to operate with gloves and with no need to see it.
  • Automated evidence management: plug and go operation.
  • Multiple mounting options: Pocket clip, lanyard, *Klick Fast stud, stand alone and *windscreen mount (*sold separately).
  • Audio and visual indicators: clear device status - Audio notifications, eg camera on, sd card low memory / full, low battery, playback etc.
  • Super small and lightweight: can be carried all day without noticing.
  • All in one unit: no external wires that could be safety or reliability hazard.
  • Solid state recording: no moving hard drives.
  • ‘RECORDING IN PROGRESS’ on screen warning before recording (Can be customised with company / force / organisation logo free of charge)